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Best Rafting In The Grand Canyon

One of the most unique natural wonders of the world is the Grand Canyon, located in Arizona in the United States, a canyon carved by the Colorado River. Stretching almost 20 miles in width in some places, and over 270 miles in length, it is the result of geologic processes and also the carving that has been done by the Colorado River. For thousands of years, Native Americans resided in the area, and today you will primarily find hikers, sightseers, and those that like to go on rafting trips. If you truly want to see the sheer magnitude of this canyon, you have to hike deep into the heart of the canyon itself and take a rafting trip down the Colorado. To find the best rafting in the Grand Canyon, the following tips will allow you to find businesses that can allow you raft safely and help you do so for an affordable price.

What You Should Know About The Grand Canyon

rafting in the grand canyon

The Colorado Plateau is the location of the Grand Canyon, if fissure that began millions of years ago. Today it is one of the most popular attractions in all of Arizona, bringing in people from all over the world. It is much more common for people to stop by, take a look into the canyon wherever they happen to be driving, or to even take a walk out on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. For those that are more adventurous, you might taking ATV down to the bottom or take a trip on a mule at either the south or north rims. However, if water is what you are looking for, and you would like to see how truly large this canyon is, there is no better place to do this than from a raft on the water.

Grand Canyon Rafting Rides

grand canyon rafting

Rafting in the Grand Canyon is an exciting experience, one that you can do by yourself or with your entire family. The type of rafts that you will typically find are those that are made of rubber, although they do have dories that are solid, more reminiscent of perhaps what the American Indians would use on the Colorado before the Europeans came. Most of these rights will only last about a day, sometimes incorporating hiking into the trip, allowing you to see a couple miles at designated spots. However, for those that are much more adventurous, and have quite a bit of time on their hands, might want to consider a one or two week trip rafting down the Grand Canyon. Lees Ferry to Lake Mead is one of the more popular trips that can last up to 18 days. For those that are less adventurous, or simply do not have the time, Whitmare Wash to Lake Mead might be a better trip for you. The cost of the trips will depend upon their duration, and which company you decide to work with. For a few thousand dollars, it’s very easy to book a couple rafts or dories so that you can see the Grand Canyon from the Colorado River, perhaps for your first time. We found this company which searches the top 16 outfitters trips for you all from within their one site.

After you have made this trip, it is something that you will want to return to every single year, a great way to spend a few weeks of your summer. Although Arizona is commonly known for the desert, once you are rafting in the Grand Canyon, you will literally forget what state you are in and simply enjoy the ride.

Adventure Water Sports And Rafting Trips

When summer comes around, one of the best things that you can do with your family is to take them out to the water. If you are lucky enough to live by the ocean, or perhaps in close proximity to a lake, you will want them to be able to play on the water. Although many people will spend their time on the beach getting a tan, allowing the kids to play in the sand it also get wet, it might be a better option to actually participate with some of the many different watersports that are available.This article will address adventure water sports, as well as rafting trips, giving you some ideas as to what you can do this summer.

What Are Water Sports?

There are quite a few different water sports that are available that almost every person can participate in. This can include something as simple the swimming at the local pool, in a river, or in the ocean. You might get into diving, or perhaps snorkeling, a very popular thing to do if you are in the Caribbean or the Hawaiian Islands. There are also many different water sports that you can participate in on the water which may involve using a paddleboard, canoe, kiteboarding, and rafting.

What Are Adventure Watersports?

This is in reference to any type of recreational activity that involves using a device of some sort on the water. This could be a boat, a surfboard, renting a yacht, and the use of a raft. For example, if you happen to be headed down to the Grand Canyon, specifically into the canyon itself, you might consider working with one of the companies that offers rafting trips so that you can get some experience on the water, and also see one of the most amazing canyons on the planet.

Saving Money On Your Water Sport Adventure

moneyAny adventure watersports idea is going to cost a little bit of money. You will have to rent to the water skis, jet ski, boat, and of course the rafts that you will use when you are taking it to her down any river, even those that you will have access to in the Grand Canyon. The cost per day could be less than $100 per person, and it can be even less if you are doing a trip for a week or two. Whether you spend $100, or thousands of dollars on a group of people that will be traveling with you, it will be a fantastic way to spend your summer taking advantage of all of the water sports activities that are accessible for those that love to participate on the water. You can find promo codes and coupons by searching the web, something that you can use when you place your order in advance, or even at the location of the business. This will be a great way to save hundreds of dollars the next time that you decide to go with friends or family members to have a water sports adventure this summer, or even next year.

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